Our weekend services aim to shatter the stereotype that church is boring! All junior high (6-8 grade) and high school (9-12 grade) students are invited to join us at either 9:30am or 11:15am each weekend for a time of fun, laughter, learning, connecting and worshipping God. We meet in the Student Zone (located next to the adult Worship Center) where we specialize in helping students get connected to our adult leaders and their peers! Our service is comprised of many elements including: music, games, videos, “table talk”, and a Biblically-based message.

We know that as high school students they don’t want to hang around with the junior high students so we’ve decided to make the split. Once the first worship set is done the HSM students will head next door to a room in the Hacienda for a lesson geared towards their age group.


Several times each year we cancel SSM weekend services and encourage our junior high and high school students to attend church with their parent(s). There are several reasons for this, but in short, we believe that students need to slowly learn to integrate into the church body before they reach their college years. Statistics have proven that a large percentage of students are walking away from their faith post-high school, and this is one attempt we are making at curtailing those statistics. Here are the WTW dates for 2018:





We realize that coming into an unfamiliar environment, no matter how big or small, can be scary and intimidating. If you’re new, I’d love to connect with you even before you show up on the weekend. Whether you’re a guy or girl, middle schooler or high schooler, there is a team of adult leaders who’d love to meet you and make you feel welcome! Feel free to connect with me to let me know you’re coming so we can do our best to take the awkwardness out of being a first-time visitor.