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SSM Text Messaging

Statistics show that teenagers (and adults) are now using text messaging as the primary form of communication. Although we rely heavily on text messaging here at SSM Rancho, we certainly will communicate in other ways as well. (emails, website, flyers, etc.)

Parents and students alike are welcome to join our SSM Rancho text messaging list. We have segmented out our lists based on grade so that we can target our communication to specific groups of students/parents when necessary. Here’s how to sign up:

Send a text message to the number 39970 with the phrase SSMRancho, followed by a space, and then the year you (or your student) will graduate high school. For example:

• seniors in high school would send: SSMRancho 2016 to the short code phone number 39970
• freshman in high school would send: SSMRancho 2019 to the short code phone number 39970
• sixth graders would send: SSMRancho 2022 to the short code phone number 39970

A couple things to note:

• You are more than welcome to sign up for multiple text message lists (i.e. if you have multiple students in our ministry)
• Standard data and text messaging rates may apply
• If at any time you would like to stop receiving text messages, simply send the word “STOP” to 39970
• For a complete list of Terms and Conditions as they pertain to SMS Marketing 360, click here
• If you are having any issues receiving the text messages, or getting it setup, please do not hesitate to contact me

• Privacy Policy: Users will only receive messages if they have specifically opted in for them. Subsequently, users may unsubscribe at any time. Any/all information collected will never be shared with anyone without your prior consent, except where legally required to do so.