Junior High

JHstudent9smallOur junior high ministry includes students in 6th – 8th grade. Many adults refer to junior high students with words like: freaks, geeks, weirdos, and pre-pubescent; and we tend to actually agree with those. However, we also believe that they are pretty awesome! At SSM Rancho, our team of adult leaders give freely of their time to spend it with junior high students… they are some of our favorite people on the planet!

During the early teenage years, studies show that 11-14 year olds are going through more changes (physically, emotionally, psychologically, etc.) than at any other time in their life – with the one exception of birth to 2 years old. Between voice changes, facial hair growth, pimples, and the overnight necessities of extreme amounts of deodorant, it’s no wonder they are so squirrelly, goofy, confusing, irritable, and irritating!

But SSM Rancho is here! We want to help your junior high student connect to other students through various events, our weekend services, life groups, summer camps, serve trips, etc. Use the links below to check out our various offerings this fall.

LIFE GROUPS (coming soon)       SUMMER CALENDAR          SUMMER CAMP